Mindpure HD006 HDMI 2.0 Optical Fiber Digital Cable is designed for connecting computer, games console, set-up box and audio player with HDMI connected to TV, monitor, projector and more HDMI display devices. The cable allows you to share 4K ultra HD image quality from long-distance transmission. The latest HDMI 2.0 standard supports bandwidth up to 18Gbps, 3D content, 4K video, and Audio Return Channel(ARC). Ideal for home entertainment and office usage.

· Adopt the combination wire core of 4 core optical fiber+7 core tinned copper against interference between high-frequency signals.
· High-Quality photoelectric conversion module with ultra-low power consumption less than 250mW
· Below 0.0035 dB/m of attenuation loss to ensure long-distance lossless transmission.
· Supports 3D content and HDCP 1.4/2.2
· Supports resolution up to 3840×2160/60Hz, backwards compatible with 1440p, 1080p, 1080l and 720p
· Supports Audio Return Channel(ARC)
· Supports YCbCr 4:4:4 and 12 bit Colour Depth

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1 x Mind Pure Fiber HDMI Cable



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Mindpure 4K HDMI2.0 Optical Fiber Digital Cable