DOBE PS5 Dual Controller Fast charging dock for PlayStation 5 Controllers enables you to charge two controllers simultaneously with fast charge technology, and it has charging indicators to show the when the controller is fully charged.

CHARGING OUTPUT: The PS5 pro dock charges two P-5 controllers simultaneously with a Type-c adapter. Combined with the 5V 2A adapter, the charging speed is faster and stronger.
LED DISPLAY SCREEN: Green and red charge lamps are simple and easy to be understood. After the charging source is connected, the charge lamp shall show the green light. In case of charging the controllers, the corresponding charge lamp should be in red. When the controller is fully charged, the corresponding indicator lamp should turn green.
REMOVABLE CHARGING PORT: Type-c adapter is used for charging, which is easy to be inserted in or pulled out from the controller charging and effectively protects the charging interface of the controllers from wear.
SMALL AND CONVENIENT: This PS5 charger stand has a beautiful appearance and unique decorations. It is very small, very convenient to carry and does not take up space which is a must for game players.
ENERGY SAVING: Low power consumption in standby, energy saving and environment protection.



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Dobe PS5 Dual Controller Fast Charging Dock